Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Permission Slips

Publisher's Summary. Covering topics such as "It's Jesus or Jail," "Marriage, the Hard Way," "Children: The Gift You Can't Give Back," and "All the Things I Don't Know...And All the Things I Definitely Do," stand-up comedienne, actress, and ABC's The View co-host Sherri Shepherd comically chronicles her struggles to keep up with the many roles-professional, wife, mother, daughter, and friend-that women must play in today's world. Sherri urges women to pursue their most important dreams and to never give up, but also let's readers know that it's okay to give themselves "permission slips" when things don't always work out the way they want them to.

Review. Permission Slips by Sherri Shepherd is a refreshingly honest and uplifting memoir! Sandwiched between the laughs Shepherd’s memoir delivers a message that women need to hear. Namely, that it is okay to make mistakes and to continue to make mistakes.

Why are women singled out for this message? Because as Shepherd cracks:

I never met a man who obsessed about being a perfect husband, but I know plenty of women who want to be perfect wives.

It ain’t happening. We women have start accepting that no matter what we do, someone’s always gonna be cranky about it. Instead of feeling guilty, let’s make it okay.


Reading Permission Slips was like hanging out with a wise, candid, and hysterical best friend. She’ll hook you from page 23 when she proclaims:

I’ve made every mistake that a decent person can make, and I’m still here, still learning. Probably like you, I could have given up about a million times by now, but I didn’t. Hopefully, I’ve got at least forty more years worth of gaffes and mistakes to make. I can’t wait!

You have permission to laugh, cry, nod in agreement, and enjoy mistake-maker-in-chief Sherri Shepherd’s Permission Slips.

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (October 5, 2009), 288 pages
Review Copy Provided Courtesy of Hachette Book Group.


  1. (Recent lurker, first time commenter, and fellow DC book hound.)

    I can't imagine pickcing this book up, but I do love Shepherd and her new show on Lifetime. A little formulaic, but she is so darn funny she makes it work.

  2. I loved this one, too. I'm actually making my mom read it, but I don't think she'll find it as funny as I did.

  3. Did not know where to send your email so sent it to the one you got up there. You won my contest :)