Monday, October 8, 2012

Mailbox Monday -- October 8th!

Welcome to Mailbox Monday which is hosted on the Mailbox Monday Blog. For the past several weeks Murphy has lived in my house with large old trees dying, appliances dying, teeth dying and senior pets with serious health problems. I *think* everything is under control. Anyway, below are the books that I have recently received:

1) Mortality by Christopher Hitchens: Publisher's Summary. On June 8, 2010, while on a book tour for his bestselling memoir, Hitch-22, Christopher Hitchens was stricken in his New York hotel room with excruciating pain in his chest and thorax. As he would later write in the first of a series of award-winning columns for Vanity Fair, he suddenly found himself being deported "from the country of the well across the stark frontier that marks off the land of malady." Over the next eighteen months, until his death in Houston on December 15, 2011, he wrote constantly and brilliantly on politics and culture, astonishing readers with his capacity for superior work even in extremis.

Throughout the course of his ordeal battling esophageal cancer, Hitchens adamantly and bravely refused the solace of religion, preferring to confront death with both eyes open. In this riveting account of his affliction, Hitchens poignantly describes the torments of illness, discusses its taboos, and explores how disease transforms experience and changes our relationship to the world around us. By turns personal and philosophical, Hitchens embraces the full panoply of human emotions as cancer invades his body and compels him to grapple with the enigma of death.

MORTALITY is the exemplary story of one man's refusal to cower in the face of the unknown, as well as a searching look at the human predicament. Crisp and vivid, veined throughout with penetrating intelligence, Hitchens's testament is a courageous and lucid work of literature, an affirmation of the dignity and worth of man.

Kindle purchase.

2) Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. Publisher's Summary. Katniss Everdeen, girl on fire, has survived, even though her home has been destroyed. There are rebels. There are new leaders. A revolution is unfolding.

Thanks to PBS!

3) Between You and Me by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus. Publisher's Summary. What happens when you are followed by millions . . . and loved by none? Twenty-seven-year-old Logan Wade is trying to build a life for herself far from her unhappy childhood in Oklahoma. Until she gets the call that her famous cousin needs a new assistant— an offer she can’t refuse.

Logan hasn’t seen Kelsey in person since their parents separated them as kids; in the meantime, Kelsey Wade has grown into Fortune Magazine’s most powerful celebrity. But their reunion is quickly overshadowed by the toxic dynamic between Kelsey and her parents as Logan discovers that, beneath the glossy fa├žade, the wounds that caused them to be wrenched apart so many years ago have insidiously warped into a show-stopping family business.

As Kelsey tries desperately to break away and grasp at a “real” life, beyond the influence of her parents and managers, she makes one catastrophic misstep after another, and Logan must question if their childhood has left them both too broken to succeed. Logan risks everything to hold on, but when Kelsey unravels in the most horribly public way, Logan finds that she will ultimately have to choose between rescuing the girl she has always protected . . . and saving herself.

Thanks to the Publisher!


  1. I've heard Between You and Me is fabulous! Enjoy!

  2. Between You and Me sounds really good - hope you enjoy it! And I thought Mockingjay was so heartwrenching. Nice find from PBS.

  3. Enjoy your new books Kim, I want to read a few of Hitchens books.

  4. Between You and Me is one I've wanted to read. Enjoy your books! And thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Hi Kim,

    'Between You And Me' sounds good, so that one has made it to my reading list today.

    'Mortality' would just be too difficult for me to read, as we had a good friend who died with esophageal cancer and it was frightening and not very pleasant!

    I hope that you get something out of all your books this week and thanks for sharing.


  6. I hope your life is getting back to normal now. I'd been wondering where you were. ;) Hope you enjoy your new books!

  7. "Between You And Me" sounds interesting. Have a great week!

  8. Mortality sounds very compelling, but I'd probably dig into the smarmy one about the celeb and her cousin.

  9. Looks like some good ones. Enjoy!

  10. BETWEEN YOU AND ME sounds good. ENJOY all your books.

    Silver's Reviews

  11. I'd like to read Mortality. Hitchens was an interesting guy. I haven't read the second Hunger Games book yet... I really must finish that series.

  12. Two totally different genres. I hope you enjoy both and have a good week.

  13. I have Mortality too, but I haven't started reading it yet. It sounds excellent, but I think you need to be in the right frame of mind for a book like that.

  14. It sounds like a nice variety of books came your way! Now I'll be adding some to my list too. Mockingjay was very good - great series! Enjoy and have a great week!