Monday, April 23, 2012

Mailbox Monday -- April 23rd

Welcome to Mailbox Monday which is hosted this month by Cindy at Cindy's Love of Books. Below are the books I received this week:

1) Dollars and Uncommon Sense by Steve Repak, CFP. Publisher's Summary. There is a personal debt crisis in America. One in five mortgages is under water and the average credit card holder is $15,799 in debt. In DOLLARS AND UNCOMMON SENSE former US Army Sergeant and Certified Financial Planner ™, Steve Repak outlines a strategy to change your misguided common sense ideas about savings and learn to think like a true builder of wealth. Steve served 12 years in the Army, racking up $32,000 in debt while he was there. He then drew on his military experience and put his own finances through boot camp. Not only did he get out of debt, but Steve Repak went on to help others do the same. Now, he shows that wealth builders, like military recruits, have the self-discipline to manage their money and grow their wealth.

Thanks to the Cadence Group!

2) It Rains in February: A Wife's Memoir of Love and Loss by Leila Summers. Amazon Summary. On the 24th of February 2007 my husband, Stuart, drowned himself at sea, leaving me widowed with two young daughters aged six and four. I knew it wasn't an accident, even though the medics and police never suspected suicide. Stuart had been talking about ending his life for a year. His most recent suicide attempt had been only three weeks earlier. Afterwards, he explained that day as the most peaceful day of his life. Sitting next to the dam, he smoked his last cigarette. He drank a hundred sleeping pills and did a final check to make sure everything would look like an accident. The last thing he remembered was swimming out into the crystal clear water. He said that he was no longer scared of dying, that there was nothing scary about it. Living was the scary thing.

It Rains In February: A Wife's Memoir of Love and Loss is the true story of a husband's depression and obsession, not only with another woman, but also with ending his life. In this honest and heartfelt narrative, Leila Summers weaves a compelling tale of the year that led up to Stuart's suicide and the grief, profound loss and self discovery that followed. Although each suicide is unique, this book gives the reader an insider's view from one perspective by way letters and e-mail messages.

3) The Dog That Talked to God by Jim Kraus. Publisher's Summary. Recently widowed Mary Fassler buys a Miniature Schnauzer, Rufus, and her world is turned sideways in the midst of her grief. It seems that Rufus speaks. And not just to her. He also talks to God.

When Rufus begins sharing advice that could result in major changes, Mary gets the feeling the pooch might not be steering her in the right direction. Or, is she just afraid to take the leap and discover something she desperately needs? Only Rufus...and God...knows.

Thanks to the Publisher!


  1. I'm looking forward to The Dog that Talked to God. Sound like a very cute book!

  2. It Rains in February grabbed me attention...I'll be watching for your review. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  3. It Rains in February sounds like a heartbreaking memoir. I'll be interested in your review. Have a good week, Kim!

    1. Liked the title The Dog That Talked To God.

  4. Those are all new to me titles. I hope you enjoy them :)

  5. These are all new to me but sounds very good! Especially It Rains in February. Enjoy!

  6. These are all new to me. Enjoy your new books!

  7. All three titles are new to me - I like the sound of The Dog Who Talked to God. I hope you enjoy them.

  8. Haven't heard of any of these, but it's always nice to try new authors -- enjoy Kim.

  9. The Dog That Talked to God sounds very different. Happy reading!

  10. It Rains in February sounds so sad. And the one with a talking dog seems like it might be interesting, or odd. Enjoy!