Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Chapter -- First Paragraph -- Tuesday Intros!

Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea hosts First Chapter, First Paragraph, Tuesday Intros. This week's intro is from Hungry Girl by Lisa Lillien:

Who /What is Hungry Girl?

If you're holding this book in your hands, there's a good chance you already know the answer to this question. But for those of you who don't know, Hungry Girl is a free daily email about guilt-free eating. Our news, food finds, recipes, and survival strategies are read by hundreds of thousands of people every day.

Is Hungry Girl a real person? And is she a doctor?

Yes I am a real person. I'm Lisa Lillien, and I'm not a nutritionist or a doctor. I'm just hungry, and a bit obsessed with foods that taste great, but don't pack on the pounds. I'm the nut who watches you shop at the supermarket, comments on your choice of low-fat ice cream, and tells you which brand to buy (FYI: Dreyer's/Edy's Slow Churned is the way to go).


  1. This one does draw me in, but then I am a Hungry Girl fan:) Great Choice.

  2. I'm a fan and have one of her cookbooks. Not fond of the layout and color scheme of that book (300 under 300) but the recipes are easy and tasty. Her Food Network show is fun too!