Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First Chapter -- First Paragraph -- Tuesday Intros

Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea has started a fun new meme, First Chapter, First Paragraph, Tuesday Intros. Below is the first paragraph/chapter of the appropriately titled the riveting memoir Passage by Sandy Powers.  Enjoy!

"Can you deliver the hospital bed before noon" I glanced at my watch: 9:30. "Eleven? Yes that's right. Englewood. I'll be waiting"

I ran my fingers through my short blond hair. This gives me time to arrange nursing.

An hour later. I lightly knocked on the door of my parents' house. No answer. I unlocked the front door with my key. My eighty-six-year-old father was napping in his brown recliner in the living room. The blaring television switched to the local twenty-four-hour news channel, which he regularly watched. The same news over and over. How much new news can there be? I shook my head. I turned down the TV volume then gently tapped my father's shoulder.


  1. This opening would surely hook me. You have me very curious Kim. (I love a good memoir).

    Thanks for participating.

  2. Hmmm brings back memories of finding my own dad fast asleep in front of the TV too.

    This excerpt is enough for me to look into it now.
    Thanks for this little moment.