Sunday, January 2, 2011

War and Peace Challenge

After reading that author Pat Conroy has read War and Peace three times (in his memoir My Reading Life) I was inspired (yet again) to read this classic. I have wanted to read this for years, but have always been overwhelmed by the sheer length of the novel. However, when I learned about a chapter a day challenge that is hosted by Jillian at A Room of One’s Own (there are 365 chapters) I finally decided to go for it.

If you are interested in this it is not too late to join. For more specifics of the readalong, click here.

Jillian's Guidelines -

* The readalong will last from January 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011
* There will be 6 discussion posts for this novel, one at the end of every second month
* A Bi-monthly participant list and bi-monthly post will be done
* You can blog, however. you want, and of course write more or less than 6 posts, if you prefer
* Jillian may do more than 6 posts, but will only list participants in the 6 scheduledposts
* You can also follow along without reading War and Peace, and comment as you please
* No one who joins is required to comment on the posts of participants, including mine; this is just a place to gather, no obligation required


  1. I almost bought a copy of War & Peace last summer, but it was just so huge, I thought, "This will sit on my shelf for eons and never be read." Maybe next year I'll try to tackle it...

    Good for you for tackling it now!

  2. Thanks for joining! Have fun with this! :-)

  3. Good luck!! I really want to read this one but am afraid of the size of it! I need to do some research on the time period initially and then I will feel comfortable taking a stab at it then. I look forward to your posts - much luck!