Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Salon

Good morning/Good Afternoon to my fellow Book Bloggers! This is my first Sunday Salon (and I’m getting a late start I know), but I’ve enjoyed this meme and wanted to participate.

Here in the DC-Baltimore area, this week was the week of near misses: snowstorms that were predicted to hit us, but fortunately passed us (although we did get some very nasty ice on Tuesday). For those who are buried under in snow you have my sympathies. Last year, was our Snowmageddon. Still the weather is quite cold (at least for those without fur coats – my two Labrador Retrievers thoroughly enjoyed prancing about in the snow on their morning walk) and so I have mainly stayed inside.

Yesterday, I did venture out briefly to see the new romcom No Strings Attached, starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. For the most part, I enjoyed it and will post a review later in the week. (And yes, I am still trying to see The Kings Speech, but at the rate I’m going I will probably have to go alone or wait for the DVD).

Books I’m Reading: Currently, I am in the midst of three books: Broken Birds by Jeanette Katzir; Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace for my book challenge; and Life by Keith Richards on audiobook

Have a great reading week everyone!


  1. Looking forward to that movie review, and i hope you see the King's S soon, very curious

  2. They're predicting snow here later this week and I hope it's a miss for us too. I'm tired of winter!

  3. I'm really curious about the Keith Richards book, and hope to get the audio version sometime as well; enjoy your week Kim.

  4. Yes John really wants to read Richard's book too. He is currently number 30 on the list at our library. Will be curious as to what you think.

    Also I thought Sunday Salon was closed to new people.. perhaps that's changed since last I visited the site. Just curious.