Thursday, March 11, 2010

Eternal on the Water

Publisher's Summary. From the day Cobb and Mary meet kayaking on Maine's Allagash River and fall deeply in love, the two approach life with the same sense of adventure they use to conquer the river's treacherous rapids. But rivers do not let go so easily...and neither does their love. So when Mary's life takes the cruelest turn, she vows to face those rough waters on her own terms and asks Cobb to promise, when the time comes, to help her return to their beloved river for one final journey.

Set against the rugged wilderness of Maine, the exotic islands of Indonesia, the sweeping panoramas of Yellowstone National Park, and the tranquil villages of rural New England, Eternal on the Water is at once heartbreaking and uplifting -- a timeless, beautifully rendered story of true love's power.

Do you value a fire any less because some day it will go out? That is, if you knew the love of your life came with an approaching expiration date would you still sign up for the ride? And if you did would you be able to say good bye when the time came? Eternal on the Water by Joesph Monninger explores these questions.

It is love at first site for Mary Fury and Jonathan Cobb, who meet on the Allagash River. However, to quote from that old chestnust cliché, the path of true love never runs smoothly. For Mary and Jonathan, the potential roadblock is illness.

Mary is a Chungamunga girl. Chungamunga girls are selected for induction in the group because they have life threatening illnesses. Each Chungamunga girl is treated to a few weeks on the Allagash River to experience simply being a girl and to equip them with the strength to endure whatever the future brings. As Mary explains, “We are eternal on this water, we Chungamunga girls. Generation to generation we will be here always. As long as there is time, there will be a Chungamunga girl on these waters.”

Eternal on the Water is an exquisite novel about a love that will inspire you to say yes to life and love.

Publisher: Pocket; Original edition (February 16, 2010), 368 pages.
Advance Review Copy Provided Courtesy of the Publisher.


  1. Nice review - it's on my wish list!

  2. Wasn't this a beautiful novel?

  3. Oh my gosh, that sounds heartbreaking!

  4. Great review Kim; I do want to read this one, as the reviews have been fabulous.

  5. 'Love at first sight' seems to be a little too popular theme lately! This one sounds poignant and a must-read! I gotto grab this one asap!

  6. I'm going to add this to my list of books to read, it sounds lovely.

  7. Sounds like it would have me bawling by the end, just too heart-breaking for me.

  8. Great review, it sounds like a wonderful read

  9. I keep reading such great reviews of this book, it's inching it's way towards my TBR list.
    Wanted to let you know I gave you an award on my blog today:

  10. Sounds like an emotional book. I bet I'd need to keep the tissues close by.

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