Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Art of Choosing

Publisher's Summary. Every day we make choices. Coke or Pepsi? Save or spend? Stay or go?

Whether mundane or life-altering, these choices define us and shape our lives. Sheena Iyengar asks the difficult questions about how and why we choose: Is the desire for choice innate or bound by culture? Why do we sometimes choose against our best interests? How much control do we really have over what we choose? Sheena Iyengar's award-winning research reveals that the answers are surprising and profound. In our world of shifting political and cultural forces, technological revolution, and interconnected commerce, our decisions have far-reaching consequences. Use THE ART OF CHOOSING as your companion and guide for the many challenges ahead.

Review. Choice is always a good thing right? More options, more selections, more of a chance to find the perfect X and more happiness right?

According to author-Columbia professor Sheena Iyengar, in The Art of Choosing, it all depends:

When one alternative is not easily distinguishable from another, and when the goal is to find the single best item – who needs a library of flossing options? – more choice isn’t as useful or as attractive any more. It simply creates noise hampering our ability to focus.

Applying the above lesson to real life, Procter & Gamble shrunk its Head & Shoulders shampoo line from 26 to 15 and increased its sales by 10 percent. Sometimes less really is more!

Learning the lessons of intelligent choice is the premise behind this informative book.

Publisher: Twelve (May 30, 2010), 352 pages.
Advance review copy provided courtesy of the publisher.


  1. I love books like this; they really make you think and teach you something in the process. The cover is awesome as well. Thanks Kim

  2. Fascinating! I don't do a lot of nonfiction but I might have to pick this up.

  3. I love these kinds of books too and just added this to my TBR list a couple of days ago (love the jacket too). Enjoy!

  4. Sounds like an interesting book! I am overwhelmed by too many choices at times.