Friday, February 5, 2010

Comfort Living

Amazon Product Description. With simple tools and do-able steps, Comfort Living will guide you in creating a home that transforms the way you experience each day. No big investment of time or money is required. Filled with exercises, ToolBoxes, photographs and planning pages, this book becomes a personalized experience for each reader, customized to individual needs and wants, much like a wedding planner or baby book. Just as comfort food does more than satisfy hunger, Comfort Living realigns your surroundings so that they support your priorities and feed your soul.

Review. Have you ever wanted to redecorate your living environment, but did not know where to start? Do you also believe that only those with an unlimited budget can afford to redecorate? According to Christine Eisner, author of Comfort Living, “you already posses the power to make your home a place of refuge and comfort. No big investment of time or money is required.”

The primary idea behind Comfort Living is that with a few simple, thoughtful, changes your living environment can be both more inviting and in harmony with your values. The first part of the redecorating process is to “look inward” to discover your “treasures” – the experiences that lift you up – and identify the “obstacles” – the things that weigh you down. The next step is to streamline and declutter your environment. The final steps involve creating “campfires” that invite relaxation and rejuvenation. Each chapter/step contains exercises and space for journaling to guide you through the process.

Comfort Living is a clear plan to a more beautiful future!

Publisher: Lifestyle Design (November 15, 2009), 84 pages.
Advance Review Copy Received Courtesy of the Publisher.

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  1. I adore the cover of this book-just looking at it- looks comforting.