Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Career Comeback

Publisher's Summary. Unfortunately, getting older can be a career killer. That's what entertainment journalist Lisa Johnson Mandell discovered when she sent out a resume that made her sound like an aged veteran. Her new career makeover guide-expanded from the Wall Street Journal article about revamping her "older" image to land her dream job-acknowledges that experience matters, but looking and acting up-to-date matter just as much. Mandell provides ten strategies for putting a youthful spin on resumes, Web pages, and personal presentation.

Unemployment abounds for all job seekers, but those over 40 face additional age related barriers. In Career Comeback, author Lisa Johnson Mandell, a 49 year old entertainment journalist, shares how she successfully “botoxed her resume” to a new job. As Johnson Mandell confesses, “my own career comeback plan involved finding my niche, branding myself, freshening up my image from head to toe, rabid social networking, and age proofing my resume so that my over-forty status would not be readily apparent.”

Career Comeback walks the reader through the necessary steps to become an “ageless” job seeker. Johnson Mandell is a talented writer who makes a serious subject fun such as including a “How Hip Are You” quiz (hint if you don’t know what Huffpo and DS are you probably need a pop culture refresher course) and “12 Items You Need to Throw Away Now” (who knew that nude panty hose was passé?) . And for the short of cash job seekers, she details a “One-Day Career Comeback for $50 or Less.”

Career Comeback is an informative and surprisingly fun read!

Publisher: Springboard Press (January 7, 2010), 256 pages.
Advance Review Copy Provided Courtesy of the Publisher.

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