Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Make It Fast, Cook It Slow

Publisher's Summary. Make It Fast, Cook It Slow is the first cookbook from Stephanie O’Dea, the extremely popular slow cooking blogger: affordable, delicious, nutritious, and gluten-free recipes to delight the entire family.

In December 2007, Stephanie O’Dea made a New Year’s resolution: she’d use her slow cooker every single day for an entire year, and write about it on her very popular blog. The result: more than three million visitors, and more than 300 fabulous, easy-to-make, family-pleasing recipes, including:

* Breakfast Risotto
* Vietnamese Roast Chicken
* Tomatoes and Goat Cheese with Balsamic Cranberry Syrup
* Falafel
* Philly Cheesesteaks
* Crème Brulee

--and much more. Make It Fast, Cook It Slow is the perfect cookbook for easy, quick prep, inexpensive ingredients, and meals that taste like you spent hours at the stove.

Review. Today's review fits into my January theme of cooking at home to save money. When blogger-author Stephanie O’Dea made a resolution to use her crock pot everyday in 2008, readers everywhere shared in her tasty journey. Now O’Dea’s fabulous recipes are available in this affordable paperback edition.

Make It Fast Cook It Slow is not your mother’s cookbook. That is, the recipes are much more than the usual pot roast, stew, and soup options. The Table of Contents reveals the bevy of slow cooker options: Beverages, Appetizers, Breakfast, Baking, Side Dishes, Beans, Pasta & Casseroles, Soups & Stews, Seafood, Poultry, Meatless Mains, Meat, Takeout Fake-Out, Snacks & Fondue, Desserts, and Fun Stuff (including crayons and play dough!). I can personally vouch for the Wassail, Crab Dip, and Bacon and Cheese Chicken!

Nearly every page of Make It Fast Cook It Slow contains a different tantalizing recipe. The gluten- free recipes are easy to prepare, use readily available ingredients, and most conclude with O’Dea’s “verdict” (parting thoughts on the results). The only minor detractions from the book are the absence of pictures and nutritional information.

Make It Fast Cook It Slow is a must have resource for families!


  1. The cookbook sounds so good - I'm disappointed to see there aren't any pictures.

  2. I love Stephanie O'Dea's blog and followed her on her journey. It would be nice to have all the recipes at hand in a book. I'm not a fan of cookbooks without pictures either. I like having the picture of the final outcome. Still I think I'll be buying this book eventually. Great review!

  3. Sounds like a good cookbook. I just got a new slow cooker and have been looking for recipes. I'm actually okay with no pictures. Sometimes the best tasting dishes just don't look that good.

  4. Creme brulee in the slow cooker? For the love of pete, I could be 400 pounds if I had that recipe!

  5. I love Stephanie O'Dea's blog - and have her book on my wish list!