Saturday, January 23, 2010

1/2 Priced Living

Publisher's Summary. Think You Can't Afford To Stay Home? Think Again!

Many workplace moms desire to be at home, experiencing the most important moments of their children’s lives, and creating a warm and loving family atmosphere. Instead, they find themselves caught in a balancing act between work and home.

This easy-to-read guide gives practical steps, creative suggestions, and valuable resources to help you and your family

* Cut your food bill in half!
* Cut your vacation expense in half!
* Cut your clothing costs in half!
* Cut your debt in half – and out!
* Cut your housing expenses in half!
* AND double your giving!

If you’re one of the 89%* who would stay at home if you could make it work financially, Ellie Kay has the tips you need to succeed.

Review. As part of my month long focus on “Money, Weight and Trash” today I am reviewing ½ Price Living by Ellie Kay. This book is primarily written to help women who want to stay home with their children. That is, it is for those families who want to go from two incomes to one income for child rearing and quality of life purposes.

As Kay explains, “Half-price living means you can have half the stress because you’re not balancing work and home. Living on one income means you can have half the clutter in your home, because you can take time to simplify your life. Living on one income means you have the time to cook instead of grabbing fast food, and thereby have half the health risks in your life. It can also mean you have time to comparison shop, learn the fine art of saving money, and cut some bills in half.”

The first half of the book is devoted to “affording to stay home” while the latter half details specific cost saving strategies. Although I personally did not find much relevant or new information I am not a stay at home mom, in addition, I have been clipping coupons and shopping sales for years. I did find the “How to Own a Home Business that Doesn’t Own You” chapter interesting and it appeared helpful for would be entrepreneurs.

In sum, ½ Price Living is a very good how-to-guide for its target audience, but not so relevant for others.

This review was based on a privately purchased copy of the book.

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  1. A lot of those books give the same advice, so once you've read one, you've read them all. I think everyone, whether they work or not, has to figure out ways to stretch a dollar these days.