Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How I Blog

For me blogging and eating go hand in hand. There is nothing like a latte and a buttery croissant to jumpstart the creative writing juices. This is why when I am blogging you will often find me tapping away on my laptop at the kitchen table.

Recently, however, I have been considering replacing my post-college Ikea table. While browsing at Dining Rooms Direct I discovered that they offer a wide selection of kitchen tables in various price ranges. For example, I found this welcoming kitchen table.

And it retails for only $286 which is well within my budget. While I favor more casual kitchen tables Dining Rooms Direct also offers more formal dining tables too! Now if I can only find a table that is canine chew proof (as my dog Ashley sometimes gets the munchies for a good table leg)!

Disclosure: I will receive a small promotional code from CSN stores so that I may provide an unbiased review of a product (not pictured above).


  1. This looks like a nice set Kim, and the price sounds even better.

  2. Mmm, sounds like a yummy way to blog!

  3. Love the way you blog and yes where one blogs or writes is so important