Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sex and the City 2

This past Memorial Day while others may have been enjoying a scrumptious bbq or honoring those who gave all for freedom (and this daughter of a Vietnam Vet says a sincere thank you to all who have served!) or simply lounging by the pool, I was welcoming the unofficial start of summer in my own special way: going to Sex and the City 2. It has been two long years and I couldn't wait to couldn't wait for an update.

Sex and the City 2 starts off with a bang with the campy, sweet, and over-the-top wedding of singletons Stanford and Anthony! Despite taking snipes at each other at every opportunity through the years (Stanford once passed around a magazine that featured Anthony's call boy past), all the verbal zingers must have been covering a smoldering passion. Still Anthony is still Anthony -- he informs the guests that marriage notwithstanding he is allowed to cheat (in the 45 states where gay marriage is not legal). While Charlotte is appalled at Anthony's revelation Carrie responds that every couple is allowed to make up their own rules.

Couples and individuals making up their own rules is the theme of the movie. Big and Carrie have settled into "happily ever after," but neither is happy with the status quo. Charlotte has her 'perfect family" but it isn't perfect. Miranda has the prestige law partnership, but is miserable. And as for Samantha, she is fighting a battle with Father Time one hormone patch and cream at a time. The ladies discontent with their lives leads them to Abu Dhabi of all places (strange days indeed!).

Sex and the City 2 is strongest when it stays true to the characters in the small moments of the film. When Big picks up Carrie from her old apartment, she confesses that it is 1998 all over again and this goosbumped viewer couldn't have agreed more! In contrast, Carrie's reunion with a past love (who I won't mention here) failed to recapture the pair's previous luster. Also less desirable were the Abu Dhabi elements (apart from the comic relief of seeing Samantha try to vacation in an Islamic country which is hysterical!). In short, I think Sex and the City fans (like yours truly) will find much to enjoy, but this film will not win many new converts.

The girls of summer are back in town!


  1. I thought the movie was not good at all -- went with 3 others and one agreed with me and the others thought it was "OK." My favorite moment was when Miranda got Charlotte to open up about motherhood and the trials and tribulations it involves -- I found that very true to the characters and the character of the show. And Samantha? Good God, I felt like screaming at her, "grow up!" I just found her ... tiresome, I guess. Really, is she any different from a Tiger Woods or some other sex addict? (I guess the difference there is she doesn't WANT to recover, though maybe Tiger doesn't either.) I wanted to mail her a copy of "Erotic Intelligence," a manual for sex addicts who want a hot healthy sex life even after recovering from sex addiction. As this book would tell her (good grief, I'm acting like this person is REAL! On the other hand, this is a real problem), you learn how to integrate sex after the person becomes "sober" from compulsive sexual behaviors. Truly ground-breaking. And it's something Samantha needs to learn...

  2. I saw this with my mom over the weekend, too. I'm not a fan of the show, but she is. I did see the first movie, though, so had a pretty good idea what to expect. I enjoyed it. It was fun.

  3. Liz: I have say that I hope Samantha never changes -- she add's the comic relief. Also, unlike Tiger she is strictly single. Thanks for the comment!

    Carol: Glad to hear that you and your mom enjoyed the movie. I enjoyed the movie too, but I am a fan so I'm a bit biased. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I will watch it when it comes out on DVD, surely good for a few laughs :=)

  5. I was never much of a fan of the show, but I'm glad you enjoyed the movie.

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