Sunday, December 27, 2009

Over the Gap

Product Description
An advanced career change, planning, and outplacement handbook for transitioning executives and professionals. Includes assessments, interactive tools, special bonuses and more. Facing layoff or a career change? Over the Gap shares a wealth of timely, practical specifics for standing out from the crowd, assessing your market value, and tracking your progress. This step-by-step process also includes up to 90 minutes of free coaching and assessment with a certified career coach to help focus your efforts and launch your career change. Over the Gap offers: • A proven, systematic process to ensure your success • Career planning, target marketing, tracking, and soft skills enhancement • Interactive forms and networking strategies • Personalized programs, free resources and one-on-one coaching • Branding and personal value proposition development • A money-saving alternative to corporate severance packages "Beyond the search for a new job, Over the Gap introduces a career transition process, complete with powerful tools and concrete examples, which provides a roadmap and a bridge to new career opportunities." Helen Crompton, LPC, NCC Licensed Practicing Counselor, Nationally-Certified Career Counselor and Executive Coach

Review. Over the Gap by Dave Patterson is like having your own personal career coach. This is probably due to the fact that author Patterson is also a Certified Business, Executive, and Career Coach.

The chapters are a step by step guide on how to land your dream job:
CEO of Me, Inc.;
Finding the Right Fit;
Branding Yourself;
Crafting a Message that Sells Your Brand; Promoting Your Brand;
Doing Your Homework; Defining Your Target Market;
Networking for Results;
Creating a Position for Yourself;
Interviewing; and
The Benefits of Personal Coaching.

In today's tight job market both experienced workers and new entrants need not only the right credentials, but the right marketing strategy. Over the Gap fills that gap!

Publisher: DPA Media (September 30, 2009), 136 pages
Advance review Copy provided courtesy of the author.

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