Monday, September 21, 2009

Mailbox Monday -- September 21st

Thanks to Marcia at The Printed Page I'm participating in the Mailbox Monday round up. This week I received the following review copies:
1) Make Ahead Meals For Busy Moms by Jane Doiron: Product Description
Make Ahead meals are not just for Moms who work outside of the home. It's a way of cooking that helps all families, big and small. It all comes down to a little planning. Make a meal or two in advance when you have some extra time. Then you'll be rewarded with quick, delicious home-cooked meals when you really need them!

Thanks to the author.

2) Confections of a Closet Master Baker by Gesine Bullock-Prado: Product Description:
As head of her celebrity sister’s production company, Gesine Bullock-Prado had a closet full of designer clothes and the ear of all the influential studio heads, but she was miserable. The only solace she found was in her secret hobby: baking. With every sugary, buttery confection to emerge from her oven, Gesine took one step away from her glittery, empty existence—and one step closer to her true destiny. Before long, she and her husband left the trappings of their Hollywood lifestyle behind, ending up in Vermont, where they started the gem known as Gesine Confectionary. And they never looked back. Confections of a Closet Master Baker follows Gesine's journey from sugar-obsessed child to miserable, awkward Hollywood insider to reluctant master baker. Chock-full of eccentric characters, beautifully detailed descriptions of her baking process, ceaselessly funny renditions of Hollywood nonsense, and recipes, the ingredients of her story will appeal to anyone who has ever considered leaving the life they know and completely starting over.

Thanks to Random House via Shelf Awareness.

3) Something Missing by Matthew Dicks: Publishers Weekly Summary
An expert thief unexpectedly finds himself aiding his victims in Dicks's charming if rambling debut. During his hours off, barista Martin Railsback burgles the houses of folks he calls his clients, taking only what they won't notice is missing: for instance, three boxes of long grain rice... two rolls of toilet paper (in Martin's estimation, the Gallos had excellent taste in toilet paper), three cups of olive oil and, on occasion, something really valuable. The system works beautifully until the day Martin drops a client's toothbrush into the toilet and feels compelled to replace it. This act of simple decency sets him on an entirely different course, and pretty soon he's breaking into houses to improve the lives of their occupants. Martin's own life starts looking up, too, with the possibility of romance and a new avocation, but the specter of real peril looms. Dicks struggles with digression and repetition—Martin's obsessive allegiance to the rules of his pastime becomes exasperating—but he's created a winning hero in Martin, a crook with a heart of gold. (July)
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Thanks to Random House via Read It Forward.


  1. Make Ahead Meals looks great. So does "Confections". Enjoy them all!

  2. Make Ahead Meals sounds great! I'm all about simple when it comes to cooking.

  3. The Make Ahead Meals looks like a great cookbook.

  4. I see we got the recipe book in common this past week. Looking foreward to seeing all your reviews for the above books. Enjoy.

  5. great bunch of books - I really need The Make Ahead Meals!

  6. They sound nice, I hope you will have a great time reading them :D

  7. I received Confections too. The cookbook looks great. I'm all about getting meals made ahead of time for those crazy days. It's so nice to have somehting ready to go. I hope it's a good book.

  8. Oh, I really like the story line of the first one. Nice blurb. Thanks so much for stopping by today.

  9. Ohhh - I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the Make Ahead Meals book! I could really benefit from that one!!

    :) Here's my Mailbox! ~ Wendi

  10. Looking forward to your thoughts on the busy moms cookbook. I could sure use help in that regard. LOL

    My mailbox post is here.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  11. I think I need the Make Ahead Meals book. LOL! I may not work outside the home but I am definitely not a stay at home mom either (not if I have to stay at home to be called that anyway). And the other two books look totally appealing too. Lucky you!

  12. I received Make Ahead Meals For Busy Moms. I can't wait to try some of the recipes!

  13. Looks like a great mailbox. Enjoy!