Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Shopping Ideas!

Finding the perfect holiday gift is often a challenge. Although cash and giftcards are a;ways appreciated, I think there is something special about unwrapping the perfect gift. And what could be better for a bibliophile than a new book?

Here are a few of my personal suggestions for book buying this holiday season:

1) Oogy by Larry Levin. This is a heartwarming memoir that pet lovers will enjoy.

2) Life by Keith Richards. In this memoir the notorious rocker tells all (or almost all), but is also surprisingly reflective about his life.

3) The Clinton Street Baking Company: Breakfast will never be boring again!

4) Peanuts: the new box set gift collection. Every fan will love this boxed set!

5) A Christmas Carol Pop Up. This book is just plain gorgeous!


  1. Peanuts is hitting the rage. I just read a review and it got A + across the board. Great selection... Ah Keith Richards...he scares me too much...