Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fierce Style

Publisher's Summary.
In 2008, Christian Siriano made headlines as the youngest designer to win the hit reality series Project Runway. But the now twenty-three-year-old is bigger than a TV celebrity. From his prodigious fashion talent to his one-of-a-kind personality, Christian is the embodiment of fierce style.

Now in his first book, he helps readers discover how to look, feel, and act fierce in everyday life. With tips from some of fashion and Hollywood's biggest names -including Victoria Beckham, Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, and Vanessa Williams -- along with gorgeous original sketches by Christian, never-before-heard stories, and behind-the-scenes photos, he tells his journey of developing his own fashion sense and overcoming obstacles to success.

Giving advice on creating personal style, sharing tips on building self-confidence, and revealing his own list of fashion dos and don'ts, Christian shows how to use one's unique strengths to get ahead - and go from tickity-tack to totally flawless.

Review. Christian Siriano, the 2008 Project Runway winner (when he was only 21!), in his new book Fierce Style gives real, attainable, advice for normal women (i.e. those of us who are not runaway models or heiresses). For example, in his “Top 10 Dream Pieces” he offers not only the “dream” piece such as a Burberry trench coat, but also the “reality piece” (affordable counterpart), in this case a Banana Republic trench. In another section, “Looking Fierce on a Budget” Siriano recommends where and what to shop for at national chain stores: H&M for basics and accessories, Target for designer lines, and Forever 21 for knockoffs etc. In a nod to non-model figures Siriano suggests flattering styles for various body shapes (e.g. large bust/small waist, small bust/large waist, curves, and few curves). Also sprinkled throughout the book are fashion tips from noted celebrities.

In addition, to the realistic fashion advice Siriano shares pieces from his life story. Growing up in Annapolis , Maryland Siriano formed his fashion sensibilities working in the Bubbles hair salon where his outrageous coworkers inspired him to try out various looks. During his time at the salon and after, he made a lot of fashion mistakes, but he eventually learned what worked for him. Siriano even includes photographic evidence of some of his fashion foibles (I don’t think many other designers would do the same) to encourage women not to be afraid to experiment with different looks.

Stylistically, Fierce Style is fun to peruse. The book is beautifully photographed with lots of pictures. And the writing style is peppered Siriano linguistics such as “hot tranny mess,” “ferocia couture,” and “tickity tack” with definitions provided in “The Official Christian Siriano Glossary.”

Christian Siriano’s Fierce Style will inspire you to be your best you!


  1. Sounds like such a fun book.

  2. I love that he gives advice to the non-model shaped. That makes me much more inclined to give the book a look.